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Barrister and Mann

Hand & Body Soap: Bay Rum

Hand & Body Soap: Bay Rum

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The Scent Way back in the glory days of salty sea dogs, sailors used rum tinctures of West Indie bay and spices as disinfectants, fragrances, deodorants, and aftershaves. Over time, many famous fragrance and shaving houses adopted the custom and offered their own versions of the classic scent, which proved to be extremely popular with barbers as well. Barrister and Mann® is proud to offer our own version of a classic Bay Rum.

Dispensing with the modern custom of using large amounts of clove, we instead blend real black strap rum with West Indie bay, sweet orange, cinnamon, and benzoin (a vanilla-like resin). Our Bay Rum is a warm, masculine classic, a piece of history, and a favourite for winter, but is well-suited for any time of year.

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